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Biblically Correct’s Policy on Giving

While I have mentioned the following when making requests for financial support for Biblically Correct, I would like to post this so it will be available publicly for the future.

As a local church pastor, founder of Biblically Correct, and based on personal convictions that I hope are based on biblical principles, I think it would be hypocritical of me to request financial support from others with asking that they do not take away from their regular tithes and giving at their local church. So here is Biblically Correct’s policy that I hope contributors will use when prayerfully considering giving to BCM.

1. If you believe in “tithing (10%)” please do not give to BCM unless and until you are tithing off of your household income to your local church.

2. Even if you do not believe in “tithing” please do not reduce your committed giving to your local church to give to Biblically Correct.

3. If your local church is having financial difficulties or special projects, please do your extra giving there and not Biblically Correct.

4. If you do not have extra money due to your current bills such as housing, utilities, groceries, local church, and other financial “committments”, we understand and do not expect you to give to Biblically Correct.

5. We also realize that Biblically Correct is one of many ministries out there. There are also numerous charities as well. But if you have been blessed finacially so that you have plenty of money over and above your financial obligations such as those listed above, and believe in the ministry and convictions God has given me, I do hope that you will consider giving to Biblically Correct.

Please send bank drafts (such as through your bank’s bill pay), personal checks, or money orders to 3045 New Castle Rd; Birmingham, AL. 35217 made out and addressed to Biblically Correct Ministries. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me at

Thank you.

Brother Bret Lovitz


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