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Review and Update

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ To All Who Visit This Blog:

The Christian Talk Show “Biblically Correct” began in 2006 on the local cable public access station in Mountain Home Idaho. It expanded to radio on KBXL in Boise Idaho in 2007. It took some time, but after we moved to the Birmingham Alabama area in 2008 we began broadcasting on the local independent station WOTM Channel 19 in April 2009. The station moved to the digital channels on Charter cable and we as well as other ministries and shows on the station lost many viewers. Most of our viewers use the basic expanded. So we thought it was wise in the Lord to stop broadcasting on WOTM and the last Saturday in November was our last broadcast on that station.

Currently we are preparing to broadcast again on either Ion Television in their local market (Channel 44 over the air, Channel 11 on Charter, and a bit broader market through AT&T) or Charter’s Community Channel (MSTVB Channel 21). Ion’s a bit higher and requires more formality in the production of the shows but may have more exposure even with the early time slot that will fit our budget.

Our goal is to be able broadcast longer, more often, a better time slot, go national, and add radio, as the Lord blesses this  ministry financially. If you would like to serve the Lord [further] by giving to our  ministry, please make a check or money order out and send it to Biblically Correct Ministries; 3045 New Castle Rd; Birmingham, AL; 35217.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Pastor Bret Lovitz

Host of Biblically Correct

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Biblically Correct’s Policy on Giving

While I have mentioned the following when making requests for financial support for Biblically Correct, I would like to post this so it will be available publicly for the future.

As a local church pastor, founder of Biblically Correct, and based on personal convictions that I hope are based on biblical principles, I think it would be hypocritical of me to request financial support from others with asking that they do not take away from their regular tithes and giving at their local church. So here is Biblically Correct’s policy that I hope contributors will use when prayerfully considering giving to BCM.

1. If you believe in “tithing (10%)” please do not give to BCM unless and until you are tithing off of your household income to your local church.

2. Even if you do not believe in “tithing” please do not reduce your committed giving to your local church to give to Biblically Correct.

3. If your local church is having financial difficulties or special projects, please do your extra giving there and not Biblically Correct.

4. If you do not have extra money due to your current bills such as housing, utilities, groceries, local church, and other financial “committments”, we understand and do not expect you to give to Biblically Correct.

5. We also realize that Biblically Correct is one of many ministries out there. There are also numerous charities as well. But if you have been blessed finacially so that you have plenty of money over and above your financial obligations such as those listed above, and believe in the ministry and convictions God has given me, I do hope that you will consider giving to Biblically Correct.

Please send bank drafts (such as through your bank’s bill pay), personal checks, or money orders to 3045 New Castle Rd; Birmingham, AL. 35217 made out and addressed to Biblically Correct Ministries. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me at

Thank you.

Brother Bret Lovitz

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Ten Ways To Help Us Achieve Greater Biblical Unity

Ten Ways To Help Us Achieve Greater Biblical Unity




1. Pray for it regularly.


2. Pray about and study the word of God without any preconceived beliefs and ideas. Don’t try to get it to mean what you already believe personally, let it mean what it says!


3. Use a bible that is more of a “word for word” translation such as the King James Version, New King James Version, New American Standard Bible, or English Standard Version.


4. Remember…Observation; Interpretation; Application. Study the word of God by books/letters, chapters and verse by verse. Be sure to try and keep the context and not break up the thought pattern of the Inspired writer.


5. Remember what Dr. John MacArthur calls “The Analogy of Faith”- comparing Scripture with Scripture in your studying. Compare Scripture that “appears” to contradict others but could have more than one interpretation (even though only one is correct) with Scripture that is “cut and dry” with only one interpretation. No single verse or passage of Scripture stands alone unless it is alone because the topic is not dealt with any where else in God’s word.


6. If they are not already, encourage your church to proclaim the word of God verse by verse in the main worship service. If they will not, and you have a God-given conviction about it, start attending a church that does proclaim the word of God verse by verse. Such preaching helps the preacher keep the word of God in context and not miss various truths, to be a greater means to reduce differences and divisions in the body of Christ. We say “during the main worship service” because so many more professing Christians go to that service than Sunday School, Sunday night services, and mid-week night services.


7. Be careful about saying something doesn’t apply because of the difference in cultures of bible times and now. While that is sometimes true in God’s word, it is not always the case. Especially if “non cultural” illustrations or examples are given by God in His word Himself.


8. Remember some presuppositions such as: God is perfect, holy, righteous, truthful, and without sin. He does not make any mistakes or errors; therefore there are no contradictions in His written revelation preserved for His people. Further therefore, the bible is the word of God from Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21 and without any error in the original manuscripts. Remember that even among the over 5000 Greek and 7000 Latin manuscript copies that mankind has in their possession; there is an amazingly high degree of accuracy so that no major doctrine or anything salvific is affected. 


9. Have a God-given desire for biblical unity in the body of Christ. I say “biblical” unity because we are not talking about unity at the expense of standing for the truth of God’s word and the glorious gospel of Christ. We know it will not be perfect on this side of glory. Because of pride and sin there will always be some division. Because of that, geography, and population, there will always be a need in this life for many, many local churches. But the many denominations, belief systems, myriad of local churches, and division and disunity in the body of Christ can be minimized by the grace of God and using the means He has given us more properly.


10. Remember the motto (that did not originate with me): “In essentials unity; in non essentials liberty; in all things charity.” There are certain salvific and important doctrines that we may have to separate over on a local church and fellowship basis. But there are others such as Eschatology (study of last things) that we can agree to disagree over and still fellowship, serve, and worship the Lord in the same local church. Let’s remember that even in our disagreeing, we need to respect and love one another as fellow creations of God and brothers and sisters in Christ as it applies. Let’s speak the truth in love (Eph.4:15), one without the other just ain’t biblical J.


Did I mention praying regularly? Do I have to mess this paper up and count it as number eleven? J But may we also act on those prayers according to the word of God, by the grace of God, for the glory of God, through and because of His Son- our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



Pastor Bret Lovitz

Biblically Correct Ministries

Potential “Biblical Unity Church”

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